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A free password manager for those pesky local administrator accounts that you know you have to change periodically. Now you can get a report on how old those passwords are and easily change them.  You can learn more and download PWDMan (recently updated to v1.4)

Many of the tools and scripts from my Mr. Roboto column can be found here. Please be aware that some items may be available here before the corresponding column is published.  You're welcome to try out a tool or script before it is published, but if you wait, you'll be able to read about it and get additional information on how to use it.

Administrative scripting is one of my principal interests these days.  These VBScripts utilize ADSI, WMI, WSH, PowerShell and old-fashioned command line batch files. I'm pleased to offer a library of scripts for you to download and use in your environment. All scripts are saved as text files so you will need to rename them accordingly.  Please review the comments in each script before running and test thoroughly in a non-production environment.  New scripts are added all the time so please visit the page often.

Many of these scripts are now sample scripts available with SAPIEN Technologies PrimalScript. The folks at SAPIEN have been kind enough to let me continue to offer them here as well. In addition to these and other code samples, you get scripting wizards to speed up scripting, an integrated debugger, support for PowerShell, script packaging, outstanding integrated help (the help in Primalscript 2007 will be based on my latest book WSH and VBScript CORE: TFM) and many more features.  All of these things will make you a more efficient and productive scripter. An investment in the right tool for the job can make a big difference!

Enough already - Show me the scripts!

I've been toying with the iTunes SDK and put together a small HTA to display lyrics for each song as it plays in iTunes. Download the file, extract the zip file to a single directory and launch the hta. If lyrics aren't available, you'll get a link to another website that might have the lyrics you need. You'll still have to manually update lyrics in iTunes. Be sure to look at the Readme. Current version is 1.1.

For the time being, here is is ISO of my Techmentor Las Vegas 2006 CD. This 160MB image contains all my demos, including the AVI samples, updated slides and weblinks.

if you are looking for the script demos from the August 9, 2005 Technet webcast on Scripting Exchange 2003, you can download a zip file. And if you want to know the tweaks for Scriptomatic v2.0 to correctly enumerate WMI classes on a remote system, here are the steps. If you are looking for the demo scripts, Excel spreadsheet and Access database from the March 15th, 2005 Microsoft webcast on ADO, here is the zip file you can download.

Many other conference related downloads can be found in the Essentials page at

VBScript  (top)
All scripts are saved as text files. You will need to rename with the proper extension.  The correct filename
should be in the script header.  Right-click and save target.   

Delete Computers Enumerate Service Accounts
Network Drive Utilization Report Get User's Distinguished Name
Show Disabled User Accounts Demo Speech Script
File Information (WMI) File Type Search (WMI)
Server Inventory (WMI) Check Local Administrators Group
Send CDO Mail  Runas Wrapper(VBRunas)
Emergency Server Shutdown Enumerate Nested Group membership
Basic Script Library List File shares and permissions Revised
Get Folder Size Check Script Engine
Get Current Script Directory Get Groups from Global Catalog
Change Local Admin Password Add to Remote Local Group
Get Quota Information Get Exchange Mailstore distinguished names
Dump OU contents Random Password Generator
Reset Inheritance Set Default Domain
List Domain Computers Script Inventory
WMIEvent Monitor Script Function Library
WMI Sink Demo Convert CSV to XML
Exchange Mail Store Files Get Exchange Admin Groups
Physical Memory Query Out of Band Audit
Create AD Phone Book Create AD Subnet
Get DNS C-Names Create Scheduled Task
Set Local Computer Admin

Batch Files (top)

Add to Local Administrators System Peek (uses wmic)
Fix Microsoft File & Print Log Computername, IP and MAC
Log Entry Demo REG Query (Single)
REG Query (list)

PowerShell  (top)
All scripts are saved as text files. You will need to rename with the proper extension.  The correct filename
should be in the script header.  Right-click and save target.   

Show Service Status Show Process Info
Show Registered User Set-Registered User
File Extension Report Get Logical Disk Size
File Aging Report ConvertWMItime
Process Summary

Mr. Roboto (top)

Script or Tool Published
Password Manager (PWDMan) Updated! January 2007
Set Local Computer Admin February 2007
Mr. Roboto EventReporter March 2007
LogonScript Generator April 2007
Scheduled Task Reporter (v1.2 updated 6/1/2007) May 2007
Power Gadgets June 2007
Send Service Alert July 2007
Process Peeker August 2007
File Age Reporter September 2007
Event Log Monitor October 2007
GPO Management November 2007
Group Auditor (updated 3/3/2008) December 2007
CLI Group Reporter (updated 3/3/2008) January 2008
PowerShell Storage Functions February 2008
Diving with SUBINACL March 2008
Drilling for Files April 2008
Showstopper (PowerShell and services) May 2008
ShowStopper Part 2 June 2008
Active Directory Self Service July 2008
Self Efficiency August 2008
Domain Password Report Revised v1.2! September 2008
Sweep Your Problems Away October 2008
In the Mail November 2008
Bionic Scheduled Task Reporting December 2008
PowerShell Pro Forma January 2009
Event Reporting Revisited February 2009
PolyMonRT March 2009
Can You See Me Now April 2009
Group Therapy May 2009
Secret Service June 2009

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